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Office Magic DVD –

£9.99 £5.00

Ever wanted to impress your workmates, your customers or even your boss??

With Office Magic – you can!

This DVD will teach you over 25 complete routines to perform with everyday objects that can be found in your office.

Some tricks are designed to be able to be performed right away, while other require a little practice. Also included are 10 fantastic tricks to do with your business cards, great for breaking the ice and for networking meetings, clinching the sale or just simply having some fun.

All of the effects on the DVD are performed for real people in a real office, you’ll see the reactions that these amazing tricks can produce. Each trick is then fully explained so you can be showing superb magic to your colleagues in no time at all.

All the tricks have been selected for complete beginners to magic.

Transparent by Jared Manley