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Easy Monte by Colin Gilbert


Easy Monte by Colin Gilert the way a monte routine is supposed to be done!

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It looks like incredible skill but actually there is NO SKILL REQUIRED!


This is a fabulous modern version of the classic con trick. Designed and manufacturer by the expert himself, Colin Gilbert. This trick is means the magician is always right and the spectator can never guess where the coin is.


This version uses a 10 pence piece, however it is also available is US Quarters and Euro’s, pleasecontact us if you wish to purchase any of these versions.


Effect – You have three caps and one coin, a cap is placed over the coin so the spectator clearly sees which one it is under. You say “Keep your eye on the Coin” you mix the caps up with the coin underneath then ask the spectator to guess which cap the coin is under. Whichever cap they point to the coin is not under. You reveal it is not under the cap they chose, and turn the other caps over to reveal the coin underneath.


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