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Barnum Effect by Gareth Shoulder

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We are proud to announce Gareth Shoulder’s Barnum Effect which is an innovative and mind boggling prediction routine utilizing a stack of Flash Cards. Your audience will be stunned and confused when your prediction matches the word they stopped at everytime! We have been wanting to work with Gareth Shoulder on a project for a while when he recently called us up and sent us this mind blower.

When Gareth sent us the prototype everyone at Magic Direct started performing it and no one we showed had a clue how it is done so we knew we HAD to release it to our customers right away so you can enjoy the confusion your spectators will have on their faces every time you perform this too.

Barnum Effect: You place an envelope on the table and hand a spectator a stack of Flash Cards which can be openly shown. You ask the spectator to deal the Flash Cards face up until they choose to stop. You tell them to turn that card over and say the word or phrase that is on the flash card. You then immediately tip out the prediction and they open it up to find your prediction matches the word they stopped at! Impossible!

– Instant reset – Totally free choice – Simple to do – Little pocket space – – Not another card trick – A very direct effect! –

You receive everything you need to perform this piece of mentalism right away, you receive a pack of high quality specially printed Flash Cards in a plastic wallet and everything necessary to perform this right away. It also comes with a comprehensive DVD with clear explanations, Gareth has put a lot of thought into this, we know you will love it.

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