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ACE by Richard Sanders


Ace by Richard Sanders from

ACE by Richard Sanders is a super clean 4 card change that happens in right the spectator’s own hands, which we all know is the most powerful kind of magic you can have!

The effect of ACE by Richard Sanders is the following:
2 jokers are cleanly placed int the spectator’s hands and two jokers are placed into your hands, By simply touching your jokers to theirs, all cards change to aces.

Ace combines easy sleight of hand with a devious gimmick. Ace is not a simple packet trick, it’s a diabolical card change system that happens in the spectator’s own hands. The DVD is jam packed with intense training for 6 powerful routines , ideas and concepts, plus all the inside information on how to turn this into a true miracle. In addition to the DVD training you will also receive the custom cards and gimmick.

Richard Sanders ACE Features:
6 killer Routines
Use any back design
Instant reset
Psychology and pro tips
Live performances

60 minute training DVD
Custom cards and gimmick

ACE by Richard Sanders was a complete sell out during it’s first run get it while you can.

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